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Anatolian Cave Houses

Star:  3

Hotel Description:

Hotel: Anatolian Cave Houses



Anatolian Cave Houses, are located in a very special part of Goreme, constitutes of public spaces and private suites that are carved into the rocks, just to reflect the unique architectural style of Cappadocia’s history.

The unmatched architecture, and the mystic ambience of Anatolian Cave Houses perfectly matches the overall qualities of Cappadocia and provides the guests a perfect experience of qualified service and unlimited comfort.

Anatolian Cave House constitutes of 9 ‘Suites’, 13 ‘Deluxe Suites’, 5 ‘King Suites’ and 6  ‘Presidential Suites, each designed with a different concept. All of the 33 guest rooms are carved into the rock, according to the ancient architectural style of Cappadocia. The unique ambiance is finely blended with the comfort and amenities of a modern hotel.

All rooms are equipped with centralized floor heating system, digital phone, digital channels, LCD TV, mini-bar, hairdryer, water heater and private safe-case, to ensure the guests comfort and satisfaction.  Deluxe and above categories also include additional features such as Jacuzzi or shower with water-massage facility.

Suites, which have a living space of 30 m², are carved into the rock just like the other guest rooms. However the fine details of the architecture as well as the features of comfort and functionality extend the ‘’standards.

Deluxe Suite
Deluxe suites have a generous space of 40 m² and the features of comfort such as the fireplace to jacuzzi satisfy the guests request for ‘’special treatment.’’

King Suite
King suites include two separated rooms that occupy an area of 50 m². The delicate interior design and the additional features such as the fireplace and jacuzzi provide the guests a king’s comfort and luxury.

Presidential Suite
Presidential Suites that are located between the 1st and the 3rd floor, have a generous space of 60 m².  They include all details of comfort and luxury to provide the guests with maximum satisfaction.

The restaurant of Anatolian Cave Houses serves the guests with the selected dishes from the Turkish and international cuisine. The quality of food and the careful service makes the restaurant a perfect choice both for the lunch and the dinner.

Anatolian Bar
The Anatolian Bar has a service capacity for 60 pax. The lodged spaces and the bistro desks are designed to welcome the guests, who look forward to chill-out after an active day.








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