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Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Star:  5

Hotel Description:

Hotel: Gamirasu Cave Hotel

City: Cappadocia



Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia  is situated in the midst of a most peaceful green valley in Cappadocia. A 7km Hiking Trail departs from the front door of the Hotel and follows a remote valley with a beautiful brook flowing down the middle. The cliffs are dotted with cave dwellings on both sides.


There is an Early Christian Byzantine Cave Church, containing some frescoes right within the hotel complex itself. There is also an underground city just across from the Hotel waiting to be excavated.


The food served at the hotel kitchen is all organic. Breakfast is presented with home made bread, clotted cream, honeycomb and fresh fruit is served on a the pretty walled terrace in the summer months and in a naturally furnished cave room in the cooler months.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia Rooms

Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia is combination of exquisitely restored and combined seven old houses with eighteen rooms. Part of the hotel was used by Christian monks until recently. Some of the rooms were actually monk cells. The quality of the cave rooms make you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Volcanic rock called “tuffa” is perfect insulation material which keeps the temperature between 17 – 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia all rooms are different from each other in their size, shape and qualities. Please see details of our room types below.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia DOUBLE (Standard) ROOM

Comfortable size rooms carved in a cave or built by volcanic rock. Rooms with twin bed or one large double size bed.


Shower & W.C. in the room, telephone, hair dryer, central heating
Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia DELUXE ROOM

Larger size cave rooms with better view of the valley. Rooms have a sitting corner called “sedir” designed with kilims and carpets of Cappadocia.

Facilities: Shower or bathtub & W.C. in the room, telephone, terrace, hair dryer and central heating


Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia CAVE SUITE

Largest cave room in the hotel, about 70 square meters with the view of the Rose garden. Big sofa in traditional Cappadocian “sedir” style decorated with kilims and carpets of Cappadocia.

Facilities: King Size bed; private bathroom with spray Jacuzzi and W.C., quite, garden terrace, telephone, hair dryer and central heating.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia DELUXE SUITE

One of the most romantic rooms of the hotel. Very spacious with fireplace for romantic Cappadocian nights and balcony to enjoy sunset while you sip your local wine.

Facilities: fireplace, balcony, private bathroom & W.C. with bathtub Jacuzzi, telephone, central heating, hair dryer.


Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia FAMILY SUITE

It consists of two connected bedrooms, each having a door which can be locked or left open. The rooms open to a private hallway. One room has a large bed, the other one has two separate beds. Rooms have vaulted ceilings and valley view.

Facilities: Private shower & W.C. in the Suite, telephone, hair dryer, central heating.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel Cappadocia rooms are carved in to the rock. Materials used for restoration are locally found natural volcanic stone. The mats are made out of cotton, no one of them contain any metal.


According to German partners who are doctors of Alternative Medicine, metal blocks the circulation of energy, this way you do not feel rested even after a long sleep. This is how you feel after a night in a concrete standard building. Gamirasu rooms and beds are designed for a complete harmony of human body with its surrounding. When you wake up, you are full of energy even after a short sleep. Nothing to disturb your sleep, except the sound of nature. You have the view of cave houses where ancient inhabitants lived, just outside of your window. You can watch women in the village who come with their pitcher to get their water from the communal fountain just next to the hotel. Once every two days the communal “Stone Oven” across the hotel is heated, if you walk out of your room and accept a warm welcome, you are invited to taste the hot bred just
coming out of the oven.









$87 $68 N/A 01/11/2013 14/03/2014 Standard
$96 $77 $43 01/11/2013 14/03/2014 Deluxe
$96 $57 N/A 15/03/2014 15/11/2014 Standard
$149 $89 $89 15/03/2014 15/11/2014 Deluxe