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Antik Hotel

Star: 4

Hotel Description:

Hotel: Antik Hotel
Beyazit / Istanbul



Antik Hotel carries a responsibility of 1500 years old cistern
History & Consept

In 1984 while digging 12 meters underground for the foundations of the Antik Hotel, workers happened across the remains of a built structure. Investigations carried out by staff of the istanbul Archaeological Museum determined the structure to be that of a Late Roman-Early Byzantine (450-500 A.D) cistern and its infrastructure.


Another Ottoman era structure had been built over the original cistern. Following restoration work, the historical cistern was brought back to life and transformed into the Antik Cisterna a facility that combines culture, art and history.


The City of Istanbul has got many names in the past centuries and nowadays: Byzantion, Constantinopolis, Constantinople, Estambul, Stamboul, Islambol.

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Consept & Floor Details

Each floor of the hotel carries a name of the city as it was known at different times throughout the ages. Floors and rooms were designed to reflect the culture and art of their named civilization.

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Floor 4 – Istanbul Floor
This floor represents ”Istanbul” period, the latest civilization that still continues in the 21th century. This floor carries small details of Istanbul and new Turkish Republic and is dedicated to Ataturk, the founder and the first president of the Turkish Republic. He drew new routes for his country with his sweeping reforms in legal system, social status of women, introduction of the Latin alphabet and the educational policy.
Floor 3 – Konstantiniyye Floor
This floor represents ”Konstantiniyye” period, a 700 years old civilization: the Ottoman Empire. This floor carries small details of the Ottoman period and is dedicated to the 7th sultan, Fatih Mehmet. He conquered the city of Constantinople in 1453 and was given the title of ”The Conqueror”. He was not only a great commander but also a great poet.
Floor 2 – Constantinopolis Floor
This floor represents “Constantinopolis” period of the Roman Empire. This floor carries small details of the Roman period in Istanbul and is dedicated to Constantinius I. He re-established the city as the capital of the Empire so the city was named after him. He was the first Roman Emperor to accept Christianity and the founder of Haghia Irene and Holy Apostles churches.
Floor 1 – Byzantion Floor
This floor represents “Byzantion” period in Istanbul. This first floor of the hotel carries small details of Byzantion period and is dedicated to Byzas. He and the Greek colonists led by him, established the city. The legend is that Delphic Oracle, advised Byzas to settle across the land of the blinds. Byzas chose Seraglio Point (Sarayburnu) across Chalcedeon (Kadikoy) whose inhabitants he considered to be blind to have missed such a favourable location.








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