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Ferman Hotel

Star: 4.5

Hotel Description:

Hotel: Ferman Hotel

Location: Sultanahmet



We are here to make your holiday get comfortable and meet all your expectations and desires. A 24 hour-room service, friendly staff, good quality and smiling faces are here to welcome you. Throughout your stay you will discover the cultural richness of Istanbul while indulging in the wellknown Turkish hospitality. That is our aim to include the perfect service touches in a wonderful setting that take and ordinary vacation to extraordinary memories.
A breathe from the glamour Ottoman sultanate lodges. Renovated authentic style and modernized Ottoman decoration are embrancing an ancient house and changing it to an impressive hotel.

All rooms are equipped with LCD tv, Air-conditioning, direct dial phone, smoke dedector, minibar, safety-boxes and private bathroom with shower or tube, hair dryer, evaporated mirror and phone.


Customer Service
Our staff are ready to meet all your needs 24 hours-7 days. The front office is always willing to help you on any subject related with your trip to Istanbul. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to make your journey meet all your expectations and wishes. Our well qualified staff have good technical and social skills, anticipating and responding to your needs and requests.

Breakfast Room
Every morning buffet breakfast is served at the breakfast hall. Rich varieties of European cousine and some traditional Turkish tastes make you remember of Istanbul even when you return back to your home.

Sauna and Massage room
After a tiring day, you can try one of the range of massages, such as honey massage, mud massage, Sweden massage, relaxing massage as well as face and body masks. Massage sessions are given by our experienced therapists. Massage room is opened between 11:00 and 23:00 everyday. Pealese contact the front desk for reservation.

Terrace Restaurant
Overlooking the Princes Islands, Marmara Sea and magnificent panorama of the Sultanahmet view, Blue Mosque, Santa Sophia and the old city. A dream day and colorful night is waiting for you where you can enjoy all the beauties of Istanbul from a 360’ angle. You will have a great time while having your meal or drink at the terrace. Local and international selection of specialities are served. Ferman Hotel’s Terrace Restaurant is hardly a better place in the city to enjoy the finest of Turkish and international cuisine for the business guest and small groups invite you to make enjoyable diner of night. The menu consists of sumptuous traditional Turkish flavour while also having an international menu upon request.







$77 $57 N/A 16/11/2013 23/12/2013 Ferman’s Room
$87 $68 $39 16/11/2013 23/12/2013 Sultan’s Room
$96 $77 $39 16/11/2013 23/12/2013 Ocean Room
$96 $77 N/A 24/12/2014 02/01/2014 Ferman’s Room
$105 $87 $39 24/12/2014 02/01/2014 Sultan’s Room
$116 $96 $39 24/12/2014 02/01/2014 Ocean Room
$77 $57 N/A 03/01/2014 13/03/2014 Ferman’s Room
$87 $68 $39 03/01/2014 13/03/2014 Sultan’s Room
$96 $77 $39 03/01/2014 13/03/2014 Ocean Room
$96 $77 N/A 14/03/2014 15/11/2014 Ferman’s Room
$105 $87 $39 14/03/2014 15/11/2014 Sultan’s Room
$116 $96 $39 14/03/2014 15/11/2014 Ocean Room