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Unspoiled nature, a cultural panorama, a historical tapestry and uncalculating friendship await campers in Turkey. The geographical diversity and sheer size of the Turkish landscape lends itself to camping adventures: from the shimmering shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean to the lush Black Sea coast, from pristine mountain lakes to the haunting beauty of ancient ruins, from the freshness of high mountain meadows to the surprise of fairy chimneys and underground cities.

Camping whether by caravan or in tents enables visitors to see a Turkey rarely seen by tourists; a country of small villages and charming provincial towns, a country wide open and unfenced, a country known for its hospitality and generosity.

Camping is an inseparable part of Anatolian culture. The nomadic traditions of the Turks have left a strong impression on modern day life, influencing everything from dietary habits to styles of interior decoration Kilims, for example, were originally used by nomads and pastìrma, meat cured with spices and garlic, was an integral part of the nomadic diet. The trek up to the high mountain meadows in summer to escape the heat of the coastal plain is another enduring nomadic tradition.

Medieval caravansarais, a few of them restored, dot the eastwest Silk Route, attesting to the mobility of early commercial travellers. Indeed the history of Anatolia is marked by shifts of populations and an on-going cultural symbiosis, throughwhich the achievements of one civilization draw upon the experiences of a previous one. Turkey is often called an “open air museum” and camping is one of the best ways to see this extraordinary place.

Numerous organized campsites around Turkey welcome travelers. Many of these are accessible by highway and border the sea. These provide an ideal setting for a family vacation; the campsites provide water and cooking and sanitary facilities, and local shops sell fresh food, while the beaches and sea offer endless recreational possibilities for children and adults alike.

Caravans and backpackers may consider the entire country as their campsite. Provisions can be purchased in any town and the locals are always happy to share their land with visitors. Just one reminder: responsible campers leave their campsites clean and unlittered. To enjoy the environment , we must protect it!

This map is intended to provide a starting point for your journey. Your local Turkish Tourism Office will be happy to offer suggestions to help plan a trip. Many tour agencies organize trekking expeditions, river rafting and horseback trips for the adventurous traveller. Fully equipped campers (caravans) can be rented in Turkey’s major cities for excursions into the countryside.

Enjoy your trip!